Comprehensive Family Services

Forensic Services

CFS is committed to providing innovative and most importantly, individualized social work services for any family in any situation, especially as they interface with the Court. 

CFS programs are designed to meet the needs and requests of the Court and of the family differently and at different stages throughout the life of a proceeding. Our services can be best understood as being on a continuum of services that can be adjusted along with needs of a family. 

Ancillary services provided by CFS such as Home Assessments, Drug and Alcohol Testing and Parenting Education programs are frequently utilized in conjunction with CFS’ visitation programs or can be stand alone services utilized during the course of litigation. See below for more details.

Supervised Visitation Services


Therapeutic Visitation

Nurturing Parenting Program

Supervised Visitation


Virtual visitation


Court appointed evaluations

Parenting Education & Support Services

(Please note that some of our parenting programs are offered through our sister company CTS)

Nanny Supervision Service

NY State Certified Parents in Transition

ACS Approved Art of Parenting

Parallel Parenting

Co-Parenting Facilitation

Parenting Coordination

Other Services

Client Advocacy and Interdisciplinary defense

Drug and alcohol testing

Home Assessments and Evaluations



CFS provides services to a diverse clientele.  The cost of any CFS service or program is based on an hourly rate. The hourly rate is established based on income, assets, type of service, who is responsible for payment (shared or not) and estimated monthly usage.


Bridging Gaps

From evaluation to treatment, growth through crisis, CFS bridges families from conflict to conciliation.

— Rick Spitzer, Executive Director


Court Appointed Evaluation

 CFS Social Workers are appointed as Neutral Court Evaluators to conduct assessments related to custody, visitation, child protection and criminal defense.  The scope of these assessments are determined by the Court, and CFS social workers are available to serve as expert witnesses and provide recommendations and conclusions to assist the Court as directed.



Pursuant to Court Order or on consent of parties, CFS provides Observed and Evaluated visitation. Licensed Social Workers conduct Supervised Visitation for the purposes of observing and evaluating the parent/child interaction and attachment, parenting skills and any other areas of concern specific to each family. CFS provides as many visitation sessions as the Court orders, and these evaluations typicaly include intake interviews of the parties and children. The gathered information is then provided to the Court and can assist in informing custody and visitation determinations. Observation and Evaluations can also assist in identifying areas of intervention into the family dynamic to help assist and stabilize a family in conflict.



CFS Licensed Social Workers facilitate supervised visits. The goal of CFS Supervised Visitations is to provide children and their families with safe and enriching opportunities for interaction and continuing of important familial relationships despite the conflict or other difficult circumstances they may be experiencing. Highly skilled Social Workers provide discreet supervision in the community (including in the family’s home) or in CFS’ offices as necessary. Trained Social Workers monitor the family interaction to ensure the safety of the child(ren). Information regarding these visits can be provided to the Court or counsel as directed or agreed upon.



Therapeutic Visitations differ from standard Supervised Visitations in that there is an identified issue requiring the intervention, support or facilitation of the Licensed Social Worker during the supervised parenting time.  Other therapeutic services such as Family Therapy are offered through our sister company, CTS.

As part of the program, Licensed Clinical Professionals intervene and engage with the family to ameliorate obstacles that exist to more normative and less restrictive parent/child access.  Simply put, Therapeutic Visitation is understood to be more of a family treatment model utilizing interventions similar to family therapy or parent coaching in the context of visitation.  The facilitating Social Worker can provide assessment and intervention in an attempt to repair family relationships, and can provide reports to the Court as directed regarding the participation in, engagement with and efficacy of these interventions.



Through the utilization of a customized plan for scheduled or unannounced in-person visits and virtual check-ins during a family’s access time, CFS’ Visitation Monitoring service provides the Court with neutral and reliable information related to the nature and quality of a family’s access time. Additionally, CFS Social Workers are available to conduct check-in interviews of children or parents as needed to assess for any areas of concern. This service can be utilized as a preventive measure without prior CFS involvement, or as a step-down from other CFS facilitated access such as Supervised or Therapeutic Visitation in order to continue to assess and monitor a family’s progress.



For twenty years, CFS has provided New York City’s children with safe transfers between their parents. Regrettably, many children and families have had no choice but to utilize local police stations for their transfers as no other affordable option existed. In response to this, CFS is proud to announce that there will now be a step-down addition to our existing supervised transfer service.

CFS’s Supervised Transfer Program (STP) offers two supervised transfer options for families and the Court: Monitored Transfers (MT) and Facilitated Transfers (FT). The Supervised Transfer Program (STP) is often viewed as a step down from supervised visitation as the parent and child no longer need the entire visit to be supervised. Through Monitored Transfers, CFS Family Receptionists are available to monitor the child’s transfer between parents and the Supervised Transfer Program Coordinator is able to provide the Court with factual information related to these transfers, such verifying attendance and punctuality.

CFS’ licensed social workers will continue to provide Facilitated Transfers of children during their parental access time. Through Facilitated Transfers, the CFS social worker is available to assist in and support the child’s transition between parents, debrief the child as needed and provide feedback and recommendations in the event of transition difficulties or if areas of concern arise.

Our STP fees are based on your selection of MT (Monitored Transfer by paraprofessional) or FT (Facilitated Transfer by Licensed Social Worker). FT is based on the contracted hourly rate.

MT option is $20 per exchange and all fees must be paid in advance of scheduling Transfer appointments. A one time Administrative fee of $40 is required to commence services and includes an intake session with CFS STP coordinator.



For situations where in person parent/child is either determined to be inappropriate or is not logistically possible due to other barriers, CFS provides supervised virtual visitation. This includes supervising parental access through video calling on HIPAA compliant platforms such as Zoom, and also through supervised telephone calls. CFS is also available to monitor email, text or written communication between a parent and child/ren. As with most CFS services, this can be utilized as a stand-alone service or as a compliment to other already utilized programs.