Comprehensive Family Services

Comprehensive Family Services

Providing Forensic & Therapeutic Services

Since its inception in 1998, Comprehensive Family Services has been entrusted by New York City’s Judges, family law attorneys and child welfare organizations to provide quality professional forensic and therapeutic services to thousands of children and families.


Supervised Visitations

Visitation and access services take place in-home, in the community or at one of our 6 on-site locations throughout the NYC boroughs.

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Comprehensive Therapeutic Services


We are pleased to announce that our sister agency, Comprehensive Therapeutic Services now accepts Medicaid and Medicare.  CTS services include:

  • Domestic Violence Intervention

  • Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Parenting Education and Support

  • Anger Management



Locations in NYC

We have offices in all the NYC boroughs and now offer our services in Long Island.



Years Serving communities

Our highly trained and experienced Social Workers specialize in a spectrum of services regarding the most sensitive and intimate areas of family life.



Thousand children Impacted

Since its inception in 1998, Comprehensive Family Services (CFS) has had the privilege of serving thousands of children and families in the New York City area.


Our Parenting Programs

Research confirms that children of divorce are at greater risk of depression, substance abuse, and behavior issues. Despite this, studies show that intervention can improve children’s post-divorce resiliency. Our parenting programs are designed to help minimize and eliminate the short and long-term negative effects of divorce and family problems. All classes are offered through our sister company, CTS.


Parents in transition Program

Since 2007, the NY State Certified Parents in Transition program has been assisting parents experiencing separation, divorce and custody disputes. Based on the P.E.A.C.E (Parent Education and Custody Effectiveness) program, it is designed to help parents acquire new problem solving skills for effective parenting. 

Art of parenting program

A 10-week parenting skills program that supports parents in examining their own experiences and increasing self-awareness as it relates to the impact of past life experiences on current parental values and functioning.