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Concern related to drug and alcohol abuse is often a barrier to parent/child contact. Comprehensive Family Services is able to facilitate random or scheduled drug and alcohol testing and the provision of the testing results to the Court and/or counsel. When real time alcohol screenings are needed, CFS is able to monitor the use of SoberLink and the testing results. The client is responsible for securing their own SoberLink device and account. 


CFS also has a relationship with a medical testing facility to provide drug and alcohol urinalysis with the toxicology results provided to CFS within 2-5 days from date of test. CFS receives, retains and reports on the results of all testing according to the schedule directed by the Court. This service can be offered in conjunction with visitation services, or as a stand-alone. Drug and Alcohol testing is also a requirement of participants in Comprehensive Therapeutic Services’ Substance Abuse Program


For Drug and Alcohol testing, CFS charges a minimum of 1 hour at the agreed upon hourly contracted rate. The cost of the test is included in the fee. All fees must be paid in advance.

How are fees calculated?

The hourly rate is established based on income, assets, type of service, who is responsible for payment (shared or not) and estimated monthly usage.

Soberlink Fees

Fees for Soberlink are based on a monthly plan. The device is sold separately. Click here for more information on Soberlink fees.