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For some families in conflict, professional supervision by licensed social workers was not contemplated or becomes no longer necessary. However, there may still be identified areas of concern where the family would benefit from use of a child care provider during parental access and from the availability of CFS’ neutral and experienced social worker in navigating issues related to the familial conflict. CFS’ CCCM Service offers assistance in selecting and vetting an appropriate child care provider for the family. Additionally, the CCCM Social Worker is available to provide training, supervision, support and real time crisis intervention to the child care worker as needed, and can also provide case conferencing with parents, counsel or the Court as deemed appropriate. CFS Child Care Case Manager can also work collaboratively with other professionals, such a CFS/CTS or external Parent Coordinator or mental health treatment providers. The CCCM Social Worker can provide the parents, Court and/or counsel with written reports as agreed upon or directed. As with most other CFS services, this can be a stand-alone service or utilized in conjunction with other programs offered.